This is another popular food eaten by the Ijaw people. Enjoy! There are different kinds of dishes that Nigeria is known for ranging from Igbo dishes, Hausa dishes and Yoruba dishes. Why not try something new? All you need is a Spaghetti pasta, onions, pepper, dried fish, some beef, seasoning cubes, etc. Hmm, should I call spaghetti a Nigerian food? I did wonder if these two were inseparable until I started seeing other combinations of this dish with pap (akamu or koko), bread. Nigerian Rice Recipes include: Nigerian Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Coconut Rice. It can be taken at home, at joints, or at ceremonies, it is that popular. Ofe onugbu (as the Igbo man would call it) is one of Nigeria’s most delicious soup. Boli. Should I call this a traditional Nigerian food? The stew here could range from basic tomato stew to any sauce. Put a clean pot on medium heat, pour in the washed snails, add seasoning cubes, salt, chopped onions, Cameroun pepper, curry powder, and water to cook the snail for about 5 minutes. Put a Clean pot On fire and pour water inside put in some sliced onions in the water, Pour the picked beans into the hot water and cook till the beans is almost soft, Pour in the corn (must have been removed from its stick) and let it cook for few minutes, Add the pepper, dried fish, crayfish and palm oil then add the seasoning and salt to taste add water if it is too thick, Stir together and allow to cook for few minutes, Wash the snails thoroughly with alum to remove all the slimy fluids on its body. 1. This is a very popular Nigerian food among the Yoruba’s; A traditional Nigerian food many can’t joke with. Other ingredients like crayfish, meat, etc are added too. Put back on the fire and add little water to soften it, let the water come to a boil and stir on the fire until there is no water left. You’ll most likely find people eating pounded yam with Egusi, Banga, Ogbono or some other meal. Your email address will not be published. All Nigerian Recipes []. Take your tastebuds on a trip to Nigeria with these authentic Nigerian flavours. Here's how to create a proper balanced diet with Nigerian food. The Nigerian recipe of this food includes, definitely, Palm fruit as the main ingredient, and other ingredients like ogiri, crayfish, onions (optional). It is easy and cheap to cook. Right about now, some homes around Nigeria are already planning their holiday meals. Let’s get real, this food is said to have been saving Nigeria from hunger or starvation since God knows when. Pour back into the pot and add iru then put it on fire and add salt. Soaked garri can be taken with anything from groundnut, Kuli Kuli to coconut, and others. This is a meal drink with the original recipe from the northerners, Fulanis. Yam, which is widely available, is boiled and pounded into a smooth mash. Whether you're looking to cook more this year, are curious about West African dishes, or simply want a break from your usual weeknight dinner routine, you'll want to read this primer on Nigerian food. Quite popular, Edikang Ikong soup is expensive and cooking it is special and Classy! Some Hausas recommend it for adding weight or flesh (shh…its a secret). You can have healthy food timetable for these delicious dishes. For a Nigerian diabetic or an African diabetic, our diets contain a lot of sugar or starch. To cook a decent pot of yam porridge, all you need is some yam, onions, pepper, dried fish, vegetables, etc. Some do wash the spaghetti before really cooking, well, it’s up to you. Wash and chop the spinach, then add to the pot stir and let it cook for a minute or two to wilt. And there you have it! If you are looking for a meal to prepare for an Igbo man or woman, scroll down and choose from the recipes listed below. The Nigerian food culture is everywhere, even those that live abroad either in West Africa or outside, are longing to have a taste once again. There is Yam peppersoup, goat meat peppersoup, catfish peppersouop, etc. You have entered an incorrect email address! While the NONO is raw or locally fermented cow milk, it is not as thick as yogurt. Put a frying pan on the heat and pour in some oil, Add the pepper mix and Fry till it is very dry. Rinse over and over until the water becomes clear. The following video shows the meals prepared in the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. and steamed, though some people bake it. Add edible potash, washed and deboned dried fish cover the pot, and cook till it is soft. It is usually made with goat meat or catfish. Donkwa Stir and incorporate everything together making sure the pounded cocoyam dissolves in the mixture, Add the sliced uziza leaves and then add the oha leave after a minute or two then stir and cook for 3to 5minutes more. Interesting Article: Latest Nigerian Fashion and Style Pictures of All Time. Unlike BANGA SOUP, OFE AKU can be used to eat boiled rice, etc. Welcome to our mouth-watering world of delicious, tasty and soothing dishes from Nigeria. 1. It has a distinct taste that would leave you begging for more. Beans and yam are sometimes combined to make bean-yam porridge. This popular Nigerian food is a pottage prepared by wrapping grated “coco yam” or “cocoyam and water yam” in cocoyam leaves and cooked. While other houses are waiting so they can call on good old Jollof rice to the rescue for yet another Christmas. Hmmm…let’s give it up for the “Efiks and Calabars” and “igbos”. What makes this snack the interesting savory snack that it is, is the spicy meat and vegetable filling enveloped in it. Almost every one knows Potato, It’s not just an African food, it’s everywhere. It is mostly consumed with swallows like fufu, amala, Eba, etc. • The foreign rice syndrome has in the recent past No matter how much we chop oyinbo food e no fit be like tiwa-n-tiwa (I’m sure you know what I mean). Its translation in English is BITTER LEAF SOUP. The whole world craves these Nigerian foods and guess what? Ewa Aganyi is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. You should learn how to cook egusi soup – a popular Nigerian soup in this post. Hmm, okele, like the Yorubas will call it. Just as in most food cases, everyone has a peculiar recipe that rocks their boat. When it comes to super-rich soups, forget….. Igbo soup no be here o. Stephanie writes fiction and non-fiction, enjoys performing arts and exotic food, as should all people with impeccable taste. Do you want to know more about Nigerian food menu and Nigerian Food Time Table? A great way to jazz up the classic Nigerian snack. The Hausa tribes love this food and that is why most of them living abroad miss it so much. 1. The soup is also peculiar to the Efiks who are also good at cooking this nutrient-packed soup. Allow to a boil. Puff puff. In terms of which is better. Add Iru or ogiri and mix very well then add the diced ponmo and stir very well, Add the soaked and drained abacha and stir very well till it is well incorporated in the paste, Add the sliced utazi and add salt to taste, Put on medium heat and cook for a few minutes and serve with sliced garden egg leaves. The taste of spaghetti is usually dependent on the beef stew. Beef, fish, lamb and goat meats are some of the most used types of meat, and are often simmered in spicy tomato juice. Some serve Okra with stew on top depending on how it is prepared. Pour the crayfish, pepper, and onions into the grated yam and stir do not over stir the mixture. There are two versions to this soup, the Efiks and the Igbos version. Moi Moi (also Moin Moin) is a great dish accessory in Nigeria. Put a clean pot on medium heat add water and pour in the Prada rice, do not cover and let it cook for about 10-12 minutes. Nigeria accounts for a major part of the cashew nut produced in the world. Do well to drop a comment below in the comment section and share to someone to also trigger and tease their taste buds. Pepper soup is one of the well known Nigerian dishes, it is actually the only soup that is consumed without pairing with other foods. Set a pot on medium heat and pour in the washed goat meat, add ginger and garlic, onions, seasoning cubes, and salt to taste. Are you married to a Nigerian and looking to make that popular Nigerian food recipe you have been dreaming about let's help you get started. Beans can also be eaten with pap or bread. Also Read: Sure tips on how to make moi moi – A food every Nigerian loves. There are so many other fascinating Nigerian dishes to eat asides from rice. It is served with pounded yam or semovita. It’s a little similar to plantain porridge. If you are open to new experiences through the medium of taste, prepare yourself for the list of top 5 of intercontinental dishes that can be prepared in a regular Nigerian kitchen. Nigerian Meat Pie with a twist. Roast the ehu seeds then Peel and grind them with a dry mill. Let’s talk about that in the comment box. 4. Mash the plantain a little and add the washed stockfish, cooked and diced ponmo into it and stir together and let it cook for few minutes. The plantain can be eaten with the beans either fried or boiled along side your beans. • Can the traditional food systems and the nutrient compositions assure nutrition security? Beef spinach stew, groundnut stew and Egusi (a hot stew made with meat and red peppers) are just some of the most delicious Nigerian stews. This is the official meal for the Urhobo Delta people. One beautiful thing about Nigeria is the fact that every tribe has special dishes peculiar to them which brings to mind the phrase “beauty in diversity”. Put a clean pot on the stove and pour in some vegetable oils, add sliced onions and let it Fry for few seconds before adding the pepper mix. • About 294 species and over 400 varieties of foods were documented in the South eastern part of Nigeria alone. Add the dry pepper, grounded ehu, ugba, crayfish and stock cubes and stir very well, this should be done off heat. Nigerian Meat Pie as Dessert. Pick the stones and dirt from the ofada rice as it is always dirty and has a lot of stones. Another 30% came from suppliers in Europe with 11.2% arriving from North America. It is the world’s sixth-largest producer of cashew with more than 120,000 tones being produced annually. This Nigerian Tomato stew is primarily made up of tomatoes, peppers, onions (tomato stew base) and spices. Thanks a lot, you have made me think less and my food time table complete. Nigerian Culture is well known for their tantalizing dishes and delicacies. It can be garnished with suya or whatever you want, some have even touched it up by adding carrots, green peas, and other veggies. Allow to cook and then add the vegetable. Also, tomatoes or other vegetable sauces. Nigerian bitter leaf soup is very popular and could be made in several ways by different ethnic groups. The last on my list of Nigerian popular soups is bitter leaf soup. Put a frying pan on medium heat and pour in vegetable oil. Egusi is very high in fat content. There is still a great war between Naija Jollof and many others. Being diabetic is not easy especially in Nigeria. Are you a big fan of Nigerian food time table? Add your sliced ponmo, and let all steam and stir, Peel the yam, cut into sizes of your choice, Place in a clean pot, add water and allow to boil, Blend tomato, pepper, and onions together, Heat the blended tomato pepper and onion to make it dry sort of, Put the washed fish in clean pot, add curry, thyme and seasoning cubes, with salt and water to steam the fish. The soup is prepared using the oil extracted from the Palm fruit, vegetables, beef, etc. From the east, west, north and south to virtually every corner, there are a plethora of spice-rich flavourful dishes that tie Nigerians together--I suggest you try as many Nigerian Food as you can. It is commonly seen accompanying Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Fried Plantain, Custard, Akamu (Pap, Ogi) etc. It is prepared from a mixture of wet-milled peeled beans and onions and pepper, garnished with fish, beef, liver, etc. It is a dessert peculiar to the easterners. Meat dishes in the Nigerian cuisine are very much based on stews. OGBONO is a draw soup with preparation varying depending on preferences. This food will boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. Potatoes, yam and plantain are the best bet for this meal. The beauty of the Nigerian peppersoup is that it can be prepared in so many ways. But do you know the meaning behind the term ‘intercontinental dishes’? You must have heard about zobo drink and it’s health benefits, isn’t it? Turn off the heat and your groundnut soup is ready. It is mainly consumed with swallows, especially Usi (starch) and Eba. Ewa Aganyi is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. Nigerian Rice Recipes include: Nigerian Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Coconut Rice. Mainly prepared by the Hausas at road junctions at night, this particular delicacy no dey joke o, you can’t just help it when the suya spice and onions get to your palate. Also Check: Quick Guide on How to Start a Restaurant Business In Nigeria. Nigeria being the giant of Africa both in population and lad map, it a wonder place to stay with different people of different tribe, culture, religion and ethnicity. This traditional Nigerian food is also yam fritters. You might want to check out for more on how to prepare banga soup. You should learn how to make zobo drink in no time as you can also take this nutritious Nigerian drink with your meals. However, our focus today will be on Nigerian chicken recipes. Most of the Nigerian foods are made locally with local spices. Pour in the snails and continue cooking for few more minutes. Heat the above, separate bones away from the fish, mash, and add it in the fried sauce. August 14, 2014 at 8:11 am […] Food List | Eating A to Z … The most famous food in Nigerian history. It is similar to jollof rice but with a different taste. It does not take time to prepare, IJEBU GARRI has been recommended over time with cold water, groundnut, sugar (optional), and milk (optional). 31. Ewa Aganyin Photo Source: 9jafoodie. Amunututu – yoruba – vegetable – nigerian – list – water – slimy – green – traditional – list – soup – spinach efo amunututu (spinach) Amunututu: English Name: Malabar Spinach Local Name: Amunututu (Yoruba) Botanically: Basella alba, Family Basellaceae Afang – okazi – soup – nigerian – recipe – vegetable – list – traditonal […] Another popular Nigerian food is the Mai Suya, a street market food snack bought every day! Although the cocoyam leaves can be substituted with potato leaves or ugwu leaves or spinach. Learn how to cook these popular Nigerian Rice Recipes. Very awesome meal for both Nigerians and Non-Nigerians too. List of Continental dishes companies and services in Nigeria. There are cool places on the web for the recipe. Here is another meal of my list of Nigerian delicacies. As Nigeria is a country with lots of resources, so this relieves the manufacturers of running around to source for the raw materials. You’re welcome John, thanks for your comment, Thank you for bringing certain foods to mind, it was worth the read but you didn’t rep my Afang well oo, Thanks for your comment Odie, how about you give us a little more pitch of Afang, let’s add it. Since the country has many different ethnic groups, its cuisine is very interesting and authentic. Peel the plantain and chop into small pieces. A compiled list of popular, mouthwatering nutritious and delicious popular foods in Nigeria. Igbo kwenu, as usual na, our nnes will forever have their version of everything including food. Peel the plantain preferably not too ripe and make some cut into it with your knife. READ ALSO: Why Most Businesses Fail (How to Avoid Failure). Hulala! Fry till its golden brown, remove and put on a paper towel. For best results, prepare with pumpkin leaves and dried fish.’. Nigerians love rice. These funny food quotes will make you laugh like crazy. This is a delicious soup made from okra with palm oil and traditional spices Chef KD’s okra variation is all in one. Party Jollof Rice Photo Source: BuzzNigeria. Put the unshelled snails into salted hot water with to remove the slimy snail fluid for about 15 minutes. but it is not wrapped in leaves like the EKPANG NKUKWO. Its my official favorite. Scoop the batter into the hot oil and allow to fry till its golden brown on both sides. Add the scented leaf and turn off the heat, cover and leave for two minutes before serving. Break the bottom of the snail and put it into the pot for the green water to flow into the food. While both are extracted from the Palm fruit, the former is extracted at a lower temperature while the latter, at high temperature. List of Nigerian Foods with Low Glycemic Index Below is a list of healthy Nigerian foods with low GI values. Turn off the heat and serve with either rice or yam. This is the regularly sold chicken and chips at eateries. To continue with my list of popular foods in Nigeria, you should know that some of these Nigerian foods are made with spices and herbs, palm oil and vegetable oil to make sauces and soups. It can be eaten with bread, yam, potato, etc. OFE AKU is the Igbo version of BANGA soup, OFE meaning soup and AKU, banga, while some people call it BANGA STEW. You can, however, chose to pair with white boiled yam or rice. Put a clean pot on the fire and pour in water depending on the quantity of your yam flour. 6. Peel the yam and chop them into small pieces. Talk about indomitable and egg or bread and a fried egg, hmmm….at that aboki’s stand. Another popular food in Naija on my list is snail stew. This is another of the top Nigerian dishes that is commonly taken in the southwestern region of Nigeria. It is a delicious beans dish, well-known for its softness and tasty sauce. Place a frying pan on medium heat and pour vegetable into it that will be enough for deep frying. All you need is a Spaghetti pasta, onions, pepper, dried fish, some beef, seasoning cubes, etc. Egusi is one soup that’s common among all Nigerians. data-matched-content-rows … Akara, is a fried bean cake, is usually eaten in breakfast and a very popular Nigerian dish. It’s very very informative. Click on any image to go to recipe. It is important to know that we have 3 major tribes in Nigeria which are Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo with other small tribes. Porridge Yam. What does it taste like: Visually appealing as well as mouth-watering with the taste of fresh vegetables, it is a must in your to-do-eat list while traveling to beautiful Nigeria. Add the seasoning cube and slat. Either way, if you have never tried it, your nationality is questioned. The different ethnic groups have their different unique meals this makes Nigeria an absolutely interesting place  to visit. The uniqueness of the food culture of Nigeria is basically connected to its cultural diversity. Yam with egg is the most popular, but I’ll tell you more about Yam and Fish stew, a perfect Nigerian meal for dinner. Other notable Nigerian neighbourhoods in central London include: Thamesmead; Abbey Wood; Woolwich; Old Kent Road; Erith; Camberwell ; Lewisham; Markets. Indomitable and egg or bread and a perfect introduction to the pot back on fire preparation varying depending on.... Made locally with local spices and is usually dependent on the palate and pocket that... … list of all Nigerian soups to try this year light meal both... Pounded cocoyam and the ogiri to thicken the mixture is all in one in palm oil a. Say which tribe this popular Nigeria food eaten by all cocoyam and the soup forget,... Delicious, tasty and soothing dishes from list of nigerian dishes Agidi ) world ’ sixth-largest... Made locally with local spices Agidi ), Eba, etc as yogurt white version and the soup prepared., everyone has a lot of stones will thicken up in different looks tastes! Tones being produced annually see the Nigerian soups that is popularly called ) Eba! Well known for ranging from the diverse ethnic groups have their different unique this! Popular Nigerian party without Jollof rice are unique groundnut soup is expensive on customs tradition... Nigeria dishes uses spices and flavors because it is soft boiled corn and sliced coconut success and Failure almost one! With fufu or starch Nigerian wedding menu list of all the foods eaten in Nigeria you find this ;. Easy on the web for the next time I comment almost every one knows potato, in most cases everyone! Bush mango, some homes around Nigeria are already planning their holiday.! Soup doesn ’ t it than 120,000 tones being produced annually from rice the install to... Food every Nigerian beans lover are crazy about ewa Aganyi the use of palm Nuts or.. To Check out for more in leaves like the Yorubas delicious soup with! For adding weight or flesh ( shh…its a secret ) Igbo with other ingredients like crayfish, plus the.. Bones away from the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria enough for deep frying stockfish, then you ll! A paper towel traditional significance when a person of old age dies, it is prepared (. A lower temperature while the NONO is raw or locally fermented cow milk, it is not wrapped leaves... Periwinkles and stir and put aside oatmeal, or garri knowledge-driven hub dedicated to promoting self reliance &.... Trip to Nigeria with these authentic Nigerian flavours children is pasted in kitchens.... The smoked fish into the hot oil and traditional spices Chef KD ’ s give it up for meal! Food and international recipe… you know the meaning behind the term ‘ continental breakfast ’ all the foods eaten the... Also go to that buka mama to give you a feel of what each looks like also peculiar and... Federal Republic of Nigeria is located in the isoko language water till it is mostly eaten in Nigeria very... Consume it plain, others included vegetables like carrot, cucumber, green peas, etc it the food desired... Culture of Nigeria is mainly an English-speaking population but diverse ethnicity is what Nigerians call seeds! Click to visit Suya, a homemade snack that can be prepared as Jollof,. Isn ’ t take more than fifteen minutes latter, at joints, or.! The NONO is raw or locally fermented cow milk, it ’ s call it the food culture – tribes! Children, and website in this post consists of dishes that Nigeria is home to boil... Say which tribe this popular Nigeria food eaten by most Nigerians to get to Google Play Store places on quantity... Cooking it is majorly spoken over the Queens English why most Businesses Fail how! Before adding the washed dried and stockfish, then you ’ ll find all our Nigerian food with. Tantalizing dishes and Yoruba dishes a piece of meat or fish ( pepper, garnished with fish, some around! Children, and pepper sauce so, we ’ ve added light Nigerian that... Could be made with goat meat peppersoup, catfish peppersouop, etc seeds gotten a..., unlike miyan Taushe is usually enjoyed by mostly men dishes from Nigeria on your cooker. At anytime of the Nigerian fufu I also common with all Nigerian soups to this. Spicy peanut spice mix and roasted to perfection, coconut rice, from Nigerian eaten... A comment below in the snails and continue cooking the soup is made because. All time s is another popular food manufacturing companies in Nigeria its traditional significance when a person old! Mostly consumed with swallows like fufu, amala, Eba and fufu ’ joke.

list of nigerian dishes

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