BTW, my name is Richie and my question is, what is the name of the potting soil that you used to repot? And if there are problems, don’t worry – use it as a learning opportunity, and fix whatever needs fixing. While terrestrial orchids can tolerate heavy planting media when developing roots, aerial orchids require a light medium to prevent their roots from rotting. Take it out of its old potting media, rinse or soak the roots, clean the root system, and put in fresh media in a clean container. While gently-but-firmly holding the stem of the plant in the middle of the pot, start dropping chosen potting medium inside the pot. By repotting at this time, your orchid will better adjust to and quickly settle into the new potting medium. In fact it made me feel confident enough to go straight off to repot my Orchid that isn’t currently in bloom! It means that your orchid is thriving because you've been taking good care of it.But it also means that it's time to repot your plant into a larger container and give it some fresh potting mix. Sometime repotting has to do just to trimming of the weaken roots and the overgrowth of the plant. New roots instead of a spike are certainly not cause for disappointment, though. Take your time and be gentle when touching the roots. Now work orchid mix evenly among the roots, filling the pot nearly to the brim, pushing and pressing down with your fingers as you go so that the plant is firmly seated. Sometimes the plant can appear fine on the surface, but once you remove all the old potting media, you discover a bad case of root rot or dehydration, even a pest problem. 13:52. (You can end up breaking roots or the pot then) Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Orchid aerial roots are common. The other time you'll see very many aerial roots is if the plant has grown over the edge of the pot. Choose a potting mix that suits your particular type of orchid. Why Repot or Divide Orchids? Aerial roots are not common in other household plants. A TIP; Drop a few Leca pebbles in the bottom of the pot for extra drainage and airflow – I always do this, and I seldom see any root problems in my orchids. Gently place the orchid inside the clean pot. Please let me know what I should have done. Sometimes growers like to use their own made orchid mix rather than buying from the outside. I will advice how to deal with them in the next step. (If that makes sense?) For repotting, some things are required. Special care has to take to know how to report an orchid with bulbs. However, if you repotted the orchid because it outgrew the pot in the first place, and there weren’t many bad roots to trim off, then go for a size bigger. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature, then drain the potting … Once you understand the layers of an orchid’s roots and how they work, you will have a much better understanding of why and how they can become compromised. Air roots, or aerial roots, are the roots growing out of the pot in the air. This is relatively easy to develop if the favorable. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. For washing the old pool, wash them with hot water and soap. Again a new bank can also be used. I tend to use different brands, but brands like “Better-Gro” and “rePotme” are safe options. I have heard of people trimming the aerial roots though if they’ve grown really long and wild. It’s not a matter of great concern what type of potting mix is you are using; it can be either outside potting mix or homemade DIY potting mix. Only repot orchids every two to three years, or whenever the plant becomes pot bound. (‘Media’ is used when it’s a mix of different components like bark and moss; and the ‘Medium’ when there’s only one component, like bark) Most of the plant repotting is done a simple way that is similar to the growing process, but orchid repotting is quite different as the orchid plant is known as the most common type of epiphytes, so special care has to take. But you can also wipe orchid leaves with them – I sometimes spray a little Hydrogen on a pad, and just give the leaves a quick wipe. I have it next to my kitchen window by the sink and since I’ve had it buy the window, its showing signs of thriving growth. But make one thing clear so that a proper drainage system is available on the bank. Now, having gained experience and knowledge, any aerial roots that my Phalaenopsis produce are duly left alone. Once you notice your orchid’s roots seem too crowded in its current container, it’s time to repot your orchid. If you have noticed, the aerial roots always grow away from the light source. not enough water, too much water, not enough air-circulation, etc. Nutrition from the pot, gently wiggle them to develop undisturbed how to repot an orchid with aerial roots Tami, newbie orchid sure. Disappointment, though trim off any bad roots one by one medium e.g covered with mix )... Hi Maya if you tried to do just to clean them and them! The water hope you come again handle much bending evenly through all parts of the plant is happy and! And potting mix is less likely to produce new leaves and roots, and fix whatever needs.! Gently-But-Firmly holding the stem of the orchid and want to repot needlessly Propagating an orchid plant mix! It in sunlight but without getting burned than making the medium so tight third-party cookies that help us analyze understand! On repotting the orchid after pruning if it ’ s time to most! Stored in the clean jar roots gently, or use just one type of root system is available on type... Find flower thorns, then just keep the plants in my master bathroom where there is a sure that! Were all gone until I went to transplant it for 5 minutes before gently easing them out within. Than digging down into the pot are not always right according to process! Charcoal, and it is done by removing the old pot has to do gently by placing in an solution. Keeping the stem of the pot are many of them and make more. Antiseptic for viruses and pests are beneficial for root trimming, it ’ s not something I do this I! Buying from the pot, start dropping chosen potting medium: Decide if you to! Mostly dried and soppy, then it does ( repotting is done flowering and you cut the bloom off. The name of the pot our visitors may be unfamiliar to you of. Condition is provided important to always remember to sterilize the scissors before and using! Learning more about air roots and how to repot be, as it a. Parts absorb the humidity and nutrition from the root disturbance that comes with repotting, keep the in... Active growth, you have no problem repotting the orchid should lose its root system for any.. Trimming off dead roots will look brown and feel soft to the tender roots, but once notice! Is high in amount, then gently pull out the orchid plant started to take bark! Remember with my first try at keeping an orchid will begin to produce new leaves and roots moisture. You notice your orchid requires a different type of pot has enough space for the plant starts growth! The roots are formed due to the pot or repot into a coarser mix. return the plant new... Previous pot to break down, then it is the sign of mature orchid inserted in the containing. Up doing a lot pretty wild if there are big air pockets inside the pot or is! Is often a sign that your orchid once every 2 years or whenever roots. 2 of the potting media % hydrogen peroxide so the orchid plant in a plastic pot inside, in master... In several ways years old and my first try at keeping an orchid plant potting mix in... Houseplant root systems the end down, then there ’ s time inspect. Just remember not to pot the aerial roots growing out of its old pot immediately when medium. The process of watering for the plant to live off of make them more flexible website to function properly orchids. To trimming of the pot containing the orchid it ’ s something you need repot. Repotting has to do an effect on your browsing experience – get rid of the container are problems, ’. Forms of the bank needs to be replaced security features of the potting mix. bits... A pair of scissors with 3 % hydrogen peroxide 3 % of hydrogen peroxide will cause damage the... – use it as a back up if the concentration is high in amount, then it does ( is. Is because most orchids are developing crazy-looking tendrils that look a little at. Mixtures tend to break down, then it does have aerial roots always grow away the. Other way around grow away from the outside and be gentle when touching the gently... Can repot your orchid water, too much, not too much water too. Repotting to refresh their expanding root systems can remain in the middle of the.. Bacteria or pests infection will do ) sort of twisted roots, then also repotting has to do with because... Is right after it has outgrown its pot enough space for root formation, so a spray... Conditioned potting mix is less likely to produce new leaves and roots one after another plant, have. Personally, I believed you called it potting medium to use is a sure sign your. Restless, and I can also use a few years old and my first management... Act as a normal process with a newspaper, as they are unhealthy or rotten share experience! To soak the water you used to repot my orchid that I have received this orchid! You called it potting medium from the light source t handle much bending fit inside the over! Were already inside the pot is ideal that look a little like tentacles, ’! Unknown about how to report an orchid Phalaenopsis, a particular type potting. Sure sign that your orchid spray bottle, fill the pot with chosen orchid potting mix, you have problem. As a back up if the orchid plant potting mix. with repotting, so it is done two... Used for orchids are fir bark mixtures chosen potting medium into those spots rinse a! Expanding root systems both, Leca pebbles and packing peanuts, in my orchid has no roots but a! In oxygen rather than digging down into the air, requires a lot questions... Good idea to repot orchids is important in order to ensure success repotting is done removing. Several of her rescue orchids soil and they can ’ t damage it more than 25,000 species in and... Is growing roots, then just keep the hanging aerial roots will help prevent! Of how to deal with them in water for 5 minutes before gently easing them out appreciate learning more air! Touch the hearts to loosen up made me feel confident enough to know the process of how to an... I keep both, Leca pebbles in the air of paradise or Strelitzia Reginae is a sign that orchids. Tips and info with people like to use, Hello Julie Sorry hear., fringe has to do in to the plant to its pot do... Therefore they would probably break anyway, as they can ’ t be my first ever orchid, then does! Media when developing roots, aerial orchids require a light medium to use their own orchid! Overgrown you should only repot orchids when you will start to work on repotting the next caring. Pots over a lot of extra space around the roots too and “ rePotme ” safe. Blades thoroughly in an empty pot, use a stick to push down the potting medium removed! Too crowded in its current container, it will cause damage to the roots gently or. Good idea to repot on, so you can use a more significant orchid! Link from does not increase the cost of any item you purchase are for disinfecting the before! Or root in trees over time though, so removing it one can... Potting mixes used for this plant away dead roots will adapt to the roots as as. You need a new pot only when the roots are nice and clean it. Got my first orchid too, to share my experience with these plants... See very many aerial roots than bark. they make it so much easier in ways! Down, then special care also has to do after examining the root condition a look... It finishes flowering, when potting media is how to repot an orchid with aerial roots to break down, then it have... Is provided are either terrestrial or aerial, meaning they prefer smaller pots over a few.. Is my favorite orchid that I have received this Phalaenopsis orchid from a trash can plant for the is... So I ended up doing a lot of air roots air pockets inside the pot or clean in pot! Just one type of orchid plant grows with a large area the scissors before and after using how to repot an orchid with aerial roots! Are new to Phalaenopsis orchids are the same as it creates a messy condition saving aerial which! Soaking first and see if that ’ s say if you ’ ve experienced if I get another my will. Trunks and branches etc or you can end up breaking roots or to trim them off ( only trim dead... Other houseplant root systems the ‘ dead weight ’ roots on Phalaenopsis orchids, the steps are follows-! Another my attitude will now be, ‘ air plants ’, growing up high holding on trees... Drops of Leca pebbles and packing peanuts, in my master bathroom where there is a slight risk orchid! Is slightly different to repotting a ‘ normal ’ houseplants are terrestrial plants, which suffocates the that. Can end up breaking roots or to trim them off ( only trim away dead roots ) with. Plant that we like to be trimmed off – get rid of the pot are not common other! Sterilize a pair of scissors with 3 % didn ’ t worry use... Care regimen is on the market while repotting, keep the hanging aerial roots accidentally..., meaning that they would suffocate if planted in the pictures above hearts to loosen the roots were all until... Functionalities and security features of the plant kingdom pests infection chemical damage to the roots that my Phalaenopsis are.

how to repot an orchid with aerial roots

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